AwkScan is an application written to search the back-issue information of Archive magazine. It uses the ArcScan data files that are available for each volume of the magazine and the monthly disc.

The main part of AwkScan was written by Gavin Wraith, using his RISC OS port of the Awk programming language. The Zip archive available for download from this page contains Gavin's search program, a Desktop front-end written by myself and the necessary Awk binaries - all packaged up inside the one application.

An example of an AwkScan search (using a Zap Task Window)

We would welcome any feedback about AwkScan, especially concerning bugs. Contact details for both authors can be found in help files within the application archive.


AwkScan is RISC OS 4 compatible and has also been tested on Select and Red Squirrel. It requires RISC OS 3.1 or later to run correctly.

The current version contains the 26/32-bit neutral Awk binaries, so it should work on RISC OS 5. Using it on RISC OS 3 or 4 will require the 32-bit Shared C Library, which can be obtained from the Iyonix website.

Iyonix OK Download: AwkScan 1.06
139 Kbytes | 7th November, 2004 | 26/32-bit neutral

Version History

1.00 (8 April 2002)

  • First release version

1.01 (23 June 2002)

  • Corrected setting of <AwkScan$ParamFile> so that search files are no longer created in the same directory as !AwkScan.
  • Added support for CallASWI module in !Run file, so AwkScan will work correctly on all pre-RISC OS 3.7 systems.

1.02 (24 September 2002)

  • Release for Volume 15 CD.

1.05 (8 February 2003)

  • 26/32-bit neutral Awk binaries used.
  • Documentation converted to ManTools format (StrongHelp/Text) for easy maintenance.

1.06 (14 December 2003)

  • Uses the 26/32-bit Mawk binary to resolve problem with missing volume numbers in reports.