Index is an application to index discs. It stores the catalogue in a file and allows it to be browsed using a filer-like interface. Searches are possible through all the index files in a given directory structure, allowing specific files or applications to be located.

The application is Freeware meaning that you can freely use and copy it: please read the license contained in the Help file for more details. You can download Index from this page.

An example of some Index windows

I would welcome any feedback about Index, especially concerning bugs and suggestions for new features.


Index is RISC OS 4 compatible, although it does not support long filenames. To support these would require a complete re-write, which I am currently considering. In the light of this, I have no immediate plans to make the present version of Index 32-bit compliant (it contains ARM code).

Download: Index 1.10
47 Kbytes | 19th June, 2002 | 26-bit only

Version History

0.06 (2 March 1997)

  • First publicly available version.

1.07 (17 July 1999)

  • The documentation has been overhauled.
  • The use of ADFS/RAMFS/SCSIFS_DiscOp has been removed, allowing disc sizes to be determined for any type of filing system.
  • Big discs under RISC OS 3.6 or later are catered for, in as much as OS_FSControl 55 is called and the space is returned as 'unknown' if it is too big to fit in Index's file format.

1.08 (28th September 1999)

  • Changed the default memory settings for cataloguing discs (to fix ArcFS problems).
  • Fixed bug in scan code for RISC OS 3.6 and later.

1.09 (6 November 1999)

  • Fixed bug that prevented the 'use free memory' scan option when there was more than 28Mb free.
  • Fixed memory leak in heap management routines.

1.10 (22 May 2000)

  • Fixed bug with OS_FSControl 55 that stopped indexing on RISC OS 3.5 or greater.