Sudoku 2 is an application, written by Derek Baron, to create and solve Sudoku puzzles. Partially complete puzzles can be entered and solved on-screen, either by the computer or manually by typing numbers into the grid.

Alternatively, new puzzles can be created by the computer, and either printed out or solved on-screen.

Solving a puzzle with Sudoku 2

Sodoku 2 is developed by Derek Baron; his contact details can be found in the application archive.


Sodoku 2 should be compatible with RISC OS 3, 4 and 5.

Iyonix OK Download: Sudoku 1.00
23 Kbytes | 31st December, 2005 | 26/32-bit neutral

Version History

1.00 (31 December 2005)

  • First release of Sudoku 2