Welcome to SteveFryatt.org.uk. I’m an electronics engineer with an interest in software, whose spare time is taken up with non-professional theatre. Within these pages you’ll find things relating to both computers and theatre – and possibly even the two of them at the same time.


RISC OS is a lightweight operating system which runs on ARM-based hardware. Originally created by Acorn Computers in the 1980s to use on their Archimedes range, these days it’s an Open Source project steered by RISC OS Open. It runs on a range of hardware, including the Raspberry Pi.

In the RISC OS section of this site, you can find software that I develop or maintain to run on the system, along with all of the associated source code and build tools. You can also find documentation to help you get started with your own programming.

I’m a member of the Wakefield RISC OS Computer Club which, despite its geographically-specific name, has members from around the UK and beyond. It publishes The WROCC – a monthly newsletter with articles about the platform – as well as arranging meetings and providing support. Their Introduction to RISC OS is a good place to start if you don’t know what the OS is.

I’m also involved with the organising of the annual Wakefield Acorn & RISC OS Computer Show – one of the largest events in the RISC OS calendar.


I’ve been involved with the world of non-professional theatre since my student days in Edinburgh, and can often be found working in the backstage shadows.

In the theatre section of this site, you can find out more about what I do and some of the groups that I’ve been involved with over the years.

I have been a member of the Leeds Arts Centre since I moved to Yorkshire, and am a trustee of the Leeds Community Arts Network.

Away from Leeds, I’m on the committee of the Friends of Bedlam: an alumni association for the Edinburgh University Theatre Company.


Whilst probably not serious enough to be described as a hobby, I can occasionally be found taking photographs if I’ve remembered to bring a camera with me.

In the picture gallery, you can find some of the photographs that I’ve taken. It opens in a separate tab or window.

Probably the most interesting use that I find for the camera is to record stage productions that I’ve been involved with, and computer shows that I’ve attended. However the gallery also contains collections of other pictures, taken when I’ve remembered whilst being out and about.