MenuGen is a command-line tool for building RISC OS menus from definitions contained in text files. The output is a collection of Wimp menu definition blocks and indirection data, with enough information contained within to allow an application to load it into memory and link the contents together for use.

Menu load routines are provided within SFLib and WimpLib, and the file format is documented so as to enable third-parties to write their own load routines if desired.

The version of MenuGen which is provided here is a standard RISC OS executable which can be used when developing software natively. If you’re looking for a version to use on Linux, you should see the Build Tools section.

Download MenuGen
MenuGen is released under Version 1.2 of the European Union Public Licence. Its source code can be found on GitHub.

In order to use MenuGen, you will require:

  • a minimum of RISC OS 3.10, and
  • the 32-bit Shared C Library (version 5.43 or later), which is a standard part of RISC OS 5 and can be obtained for other systems as part of the System Resources download from RISC OS Open Ltd.